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Health Benefits of Red Panax Ginseng Extract

by panaxguy on June 20th, 2009

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I noticed more energy right away.  Within a few days, my feet started to feel warm, which was a very pleasant and welcome sensation – my feet used to be always cold so I would have to wear socks all the time except for when sleeping.

Another benefit, as some of you who know a little about ginseng might know, was in bed.  Let’s just say my wife is not complaining about me taking ginseng and neither am I.  Libido, or sex drive, is affected in a strange way.  I think the best way to describe it without going into too much detail is to say that I have more control about when I feel the sex drive/urge whatever you want to call it.  And if I decide to pursue it, it is a lot more intense.

But what happened in the next two weeks was nothing short of amazing.  I might not have time to cover all of the things I noticed in this post but I will try to get to them as soon as possible.

First off, I have had this pain in my right foot for almost a year.  It all started with a shoe that had a curved, instead of flat, sole.  It was like a mini rocker chair and I didn’t think anything of it.  After about a month of wearing this shoe, though, I had this pain in the middle top of my right foot so bad, I could barely walk.  I immediately got four new pairs of shoes (one after another, returning three out of four – I am not rich!) – it didn’t help, the damage was done.  I waited a while to see if it would get better on its own but to no avail.  It would get better for a while and then it would get worse.  I went to a chiropractor for three months, no improvement.  Then I tried a regular doctor and took anti-inflammatory medications for two months, nothing.  I finally figured I am just going to have to wait until my body healed it because no type of medicine was working.  Or so I thought.

After about a week of taking this 6000mg red panax ginseng liquid extract, I noticed the pain was almost gone.  How could this be?  After thinking about it there was a pretty decent theory in my mind.  Why were my feet warmer all the time now?  And why were they cold all the time before?  If you guessed blood circulation, I think you and I are on to the same theory.  After all, ginseng is best known for its sexual performance enhancement and isn’t that also explainable with increased circulation to certain parts of your body?

Let’s just say after two weeks, the pain in my foot disappeared.  Gone, completely vanished!  A chiropractor for three months, some yoga on my own and anti-inflammatory medications for two months didn’t put a dent in it but Chinese red panax ginseng cured it in two weeks! Months and months of agony, gone!

That alone would be reason for me to tell everybody about this.  if you have any type of poor circulation, get this thing!  Being almost 40, I had (notice it is past tense, not have) other ailments which I was slowly giving in to, including aches, pains and feeling weak, getting the slightest flu the kids have, and so on and so forth.  I am very happy to say that all of them are… gone!  I am coming up to 7 weeks of amazing health and energy.  Not bad for an herb that the Chinese have used for thousands of years but for some reason not many people know much about.  It seems like this should change, and that’s why I am writing this blog.

  1. Patricia Dunkerley permalink

    Amen! I am 57 have had extreme problems with my back, knees and many other bones in my body. Boy, after two weeks of 2000mg I am A NEW PERSON> Thank you ginseng.

  2. Johnny permalink

    Yeeeah you’re soo right! I am taking Siberian Ginseng quite every day and feel so WOW!!!
    Nature rules, Nature rocks, guys!

  3. marilyn permalink

    I stumbled across your site and just took my first 2000mg vial this morning.I began a strick diet 3 weeks ago, and I am amazed at the info about ginseng.I am also on many herbs, ginger, cinnamin vitamins. I have the extractum.10ml/2000mg found it..are you the dollar store..5 vials to a box panax-red china 6 years old root..I think I found the good stuff..back to the dollar store to wipe them out of the boxes…your site is so refreshing..keep sending me the good info…

  4. panaxguy permalink

    Marilyn, I have taken 12 year old and 20 year old red panax ginseng. I just posted on the differences of red panax ginseng brands. You’re paying $6 for 30 vials. You can get the better quality for as low as $7 or so on the Internet (plus shipping, unfortunately). And it’s triple the strength (6000mg or 5500mg). I am not sure if you’re getting a great deal but it’s certainly a good way to test to see if it works for you.

  5. I’ve taken it and within a few days I get a sense of better well-being.

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